Dr. Michael Brein, The Travel Psychologist Dr. Michael Brein, The Travel Psychologist

Have you ever heard of the "psychology of travel?" Michael Brein, first coined the term in 1965 during his graduate studies, and is now known as "The Travel Psychologist"—perhaps one of the very few in the world today! (He almost got thrown out of graduate school on his very first day, when during his introduction to the faculty, he said that he was attending the University of Hawaii to study the "psychology of travel"—a subject matter, which, apparently, no one there had ever heard of before!)

But Michael stood his ground and subsequently completed his Ph.D. degree in social psychology, designing his own doctoral curriculum around such subjects as intercultural communication; the psychology of personal space; culture shock; the adjustment of the sojourner, and so on. As part of his studies he even worked a brief stint as a psychologist for the University of Hawaii’s Peace Corps training program.

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Let Michael give you his particular psychological spin on all things travel! And get ready for his forthcoming book: Traveling: The Everyday Psychology of Travel and Adventure—essentially a book of Travel Tales—about the psychology of travel as it weaves its way through the incredible travel stories of 1,500 world travelers and adventurers.

Amazing survival tips for maximizing the good, better and best about travel, as well as for minimizing the bad, horrible and truly worst about travel will soon emerge right here in these web pages!

Have a burning question to ask 'The Travel Psychologist' or perhaps a travel tip or comment that you'd like to make yourself? Why not send it to Michael Brein . He'll try to cover it right here in his blog*.

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Michael has written several essays on the psychology of travel:

* Dr. Michael Brein is ‘The Travel Psychologist’ living in Ashland, Oregon and Honolulu, Hawaii. He is an avid world-traveler as well as author, publisher and lecturer on a variety of travel subjects. His travel guide series, “Michael Brein’s Travel Guides to Sightseeing by Public Transportation may be viewed at www.michaelbrein.com. Michael Brein may be reached at michaelbrein@gmail.com or 541.535.9971.

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